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Planets of the Zodiac

Each planet and the Sun and the Moon, in Astrology, are associated with
A metal found on the earth. Silver is associated with the Moon, while
The Sun shares the energy of Gold. Mercury and Venus are paired with
Mercury (Quicksilver) and Copper respectively. The other planets have
Their own metals that they represent.

Silver has long been regarded as a precious metal. Throughout much of
Human history, it has been used as a metal of exchange for goods and
services. The same is true for Gold.

What follows is a brief description of each planet and it's meaning in
Astrology. In ancient times, each mystical and magical God and Goddess
all had a significant role in the lives and beliefs of humans. Venus,
the Goddess of Love is one example. The Moon Goddess, Yemaya is celebrated
and honored in Brazil and the Caribbean.

I would highly recommend the excellent book on Astrology entitled,
Making the Gods Work for You by Caroline W. Casey.

For more information, please visit Planets in Astrology in Wikipedia.

The Sun


Color: Gold

Metal: Gold

Day of the week: Sunday

Festivals: The Winter Solstice and Lammas

The Sun is the central heartbeat and the energetic animating force of all life.
Everything that is, is a manifestation of the Sun. The hand represents the
rising sun in the mudras of reassurance found in the statues of Buddha in India.
And this open hand is identical in rock carvings in the Sahara. The power of the
Sun is most potent at times of seasonal transition which all ancient cultures have

As the Sun passes through each sign of the Zodiac, it brings that unique force
alive as well as the presiding God of that sign and season. All of the planets and
the Moon reflect the light of the Sun, so therefore, at each important solar
celebration, the sun gives power to the presiding planetary force of that time.
By participating in these special solar celebrations, we each have the opportunity
to remake ourselves and recreate the world.

The Moon


Color: Silver

Metal: Silver

Day of the week: Monday

Festivals: The Summer Solstice

If there was no Moon, there would be virtually no tides or predictable seasons. The
23 1/2 degree tilt of the Earth would vary dramatically due to the gravitational pull
of the Sun and Jupiter. The Moon stabilizes the orbital tilt which allows for the
consistent seasons and the conditions that nurture life on Earth. The Moon also
effects the feelings and moods of human beings. She reminds us that extroversion
and introversion are both essential for a functional and healthy emotional life. As
the Moon waxes from new to full, it is time to initiate new projects, and conversely
When the Moon wanes back to the next phase it is the best time to complete them.

The Moon travels through each constellation of the Zodiac approximately every 2 1/2
days. It directs us to alternate between outreaching exuberance and introverted
musings. If we pay attention to the prompting of the Moon which result in our
changing of moods and feelings, She will provide us with the stability and rhythm
of internal seasonal fluctuation that is essential for a creative life. The Moon
is our personal caretaker which gives us the stable and nurturing environment that
is needed to cultivate intimacy with all of creation.



Color: Yellow

Metal: Mercury; Quicksilver

Day of the week: Wednesday

Way of Honoring: Walking in windy places

Mercury travels around the Sun at a speed of twenty-four miles per second and
completes one orbital cycle every eighty-eight days. Since it is so close to the
Sun, it is only visible on thirty-two to forty-four of those days. When it is
visible, it can only be seen before dawn or dusk. Dawn and dusk are transitional
times which relates to the mystery and elusiveness of the god Mercury who presides
over all times and places of transition, all crossroads.

In the yearly cycle of the Earth, the spring and fall equinoxes are the times when
the seasons are in transition. During these unique events each year, it is especially
important to clarify our thoughts and our voice and determine what is true and
relevant in our journey through life. We must consult this God of communication
to confirm these notions. Mercury is the God of mind, intellect, thought, voice,
and language. These are very important areas of our psyche that needs constant



Color: Emerald Green

Metal: Copper

Day of the week: Friday

Festivals: May Day

Venus radiates the energies of Love, art, kinship, and relationship.She encourages
us to honor our individual affinities of those people, colors, tastes, animals, and
art forms that we are drawn to. These specific attractions are our primary clues
that will guide us in making our unique contributions to the world. To fully embrace
the nature of our Venus, which is our life in relationship, we need to realize that
true relatedness involves both contemplative and dynamic aspects. The contemplative
part involves the observation of patterns in both nature and human relationship. The
dynamic aspect requires bringing things into relationship.

The two astrological energies embodied in Venus are Taurus and Libra. Taurus gives Venus
the rulership of the sensual realm of Mother Earth which includes agriculture and
flowers. She also presides over the festive social world of humanity from her affinity
to Libra. All that makes the world more beautiful is Venusian.



Color: Red

Metal: Iron

Day of the week: Tuesday

Festivals: The Vernal Equinox and Halloween

Mars is the red planet. Not only is it of this color, but red is often associated with
the element of fire. Aries, which rules Mars, is the initial Fire sign of the Zodiac.
Mars is the god of desire, heat, aggression, and action. The part of us that embodies
the traits of courage, bravery, and the kinship with life is all within the realm of
this dynamic god-force.

The beginning of spring is marked by the vernal equinox. This is the time of Aries which
forges new life up from the frozen dormant earth of winter. Fire is a generous element.
It is not depleted when it is used to light a thousand candles. The most important task
in life is to identify your most passionate desires and to spend the energy required to
manifest those desires. In order to accomplish this great task we all must consult this
dynamic and powerful god, Mars.



Color: Violet

Metal: Tin

Day of the week: Thursday

Festivals: Mardi Gras

As we move further from the Sun and the orbit of Mars, we find the first of the
outer planets, Jupiter. The planets closest to the Earth and the Sun and the Moon
are representative of our personal gods. The outer planets are associated with
areas of the human psyche that are more representative of our social interactive-
ness and our relationships with the natural world and other people. With the
energy of Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, we find the parts
of our being that relates to expansiveness and seeking new opportunities. Looking
for new jobs or a different city to live are examples of the influence of
Jupiter. This gigantic planet has it's own solar system with sixteen moons in
orbit around it. Similarly, the god of Jupiter governs all of the systems in our
world, like the codes, philosophies, computers, and storytelling that we use to
bring meaning to our lives.



Color: Indigo

Metal: Lead

Day of the week: Saturday

Festivals: Winter Solstice

Saturn is the farthest planet from the Sun that can still be seen by the naked
eye. Therefore, it is associated with the boundaries between the invisible and
the visible. It was known by the Greeks as Chronos (Time) which brought order and
predictability in life. Saturn is associated with authority figures such as our
fathers, our employers, and the state. It is the Saturn within us that learns
how to behave in our family and our culture. All boundaries, laws of limitation,
time and structure are governed by this disciplined god.



Color: Electric Blue

Metal: Uranium

Day of the week: Every Day

Way of Honoring: Experimentation

Uranus represents all that is unique in each of us. To celebrate who we are and not
what we have in common with others, is the lesson we must learn from this electric
God. Uranus is the god of uniqueness, rebellion, intuition, and innovation. The part
of us that defies order and the status quo is embodied in Uranus.

Uranus has an affinity for Aquarius. The entire community of creation is the realm of
this all encompassing God. We are all connected through our own unique intuition through
the law of synchronicity. By paying attention to those moments in our lives that are
coincidental and acting on these "messages from God", we will live more purposeful and
fulfilled lives. In fact, we are truly the speaker by which the universe talks to itself.



Color: Magenta

Metal: Iridescent teal and purple anodized metals

Day of the week: Every Day

Way of Honoring: Realizing the vastness of the oceans

Neptune represents the part of us that sleeps and dreams. We then can create myths and
music from the images of these dreams. This god of the ocean holds the vastness and
infinitely powerful force of creation in each of us. To tap into this power gives each
of us the abilities and strength to manifest our dreams. Our imagination is the source
of our power to create.

Pisces guides this powerful God and is also aligned with all matters of the twelfth
house. This is the house that defines our cultures unconsciousness. All things that
have been forgotten or are to painful to remember are encompassed in the God of Neptune.



Color: Vibrant Blue-Green

Metal: Plutonium

Day of the week: Every Day that we are fully aware

Way of honoring: Felling safe and comfortable in the Unknown

Pluto cries out for us to leave behind the conventional beliefs of family and culture
that limits us and opens up a world of promise and freedom. To be totally alive requires
the breaking of our chains of restriction to the past and realizing the infinite
possibilities of a boundless future.

To use the Plutonian God effectively requires three stages. The first is the disruption
of the outer world and all of its limitations. The second phase requires us to realize
the powerful concept of "not knowing". We must embrace the notion that to be truly aware
we need to destroy the illusion that knowledge is truth. Finally, there occurs a
transformative moment of divine authenticity. A time when we discover the Truth that
has laid dormant in this life to be finally revealed as our true purpose and destiny.