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What is the best Silver type to buy?

Canada Silver Maple Leaf and US Silver American Eagle

In the world of Silver investing there are many options to choose. You can
buy Silver bars, Silver bullion , Silver coins, and a variety of other
types of Silver. In order to decide on what is the best Silver type to buy,
one of the first question that you need to ask is; What is my long term goals?

If you would like to simply buy and hold, then you might consider buying
Silver coins. If you buy on a regular schedule, then over time you will see
your investment grow. And ,depending on market value changes, you
will also see your initial purchases grow in value. This method is called

In my opinion, in the United States, 2022 will see a drastic change in the
price of Silver. I attribute this prediction partly from the
inflationary cycle that we all find ourselves in currently. There seems
to be know end in site to this trend and it appears very obvious
that our government and the central banks have really no clue as
to what is to be done.

One of the best ways to buy silver coins is from a reliable on-line coin
dealer. So, then the next question becomes, who can I trust to deal with. My
trusted coin dealers are in my local area here in Sonoma County,
California. I found them over 30 years ago and have had many purchases
in that time with no issues or problems. They charge a very
reasonable price for their coins and have always had a wide variety of

Recently I have opened an online e-commerce store called Silver 2 Moon.
I buy all of my coins from my local trusted coin dealer and add a small
markup to the price I pay to cover my expenses. As my store
evolves , I will be posting comments and reviews from my customers
about their experience with my business.

If you have any questions or comments about Silver investing or any other
topic, please leave me a message here or at Silver 2 Moon.