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Silver in Astrology

Each planet and the Sun and the Moon, in Astrology, are associated with
A metal found on the earth. Silver is associated with the Moon, while
The Sun shares the energy of Gold. Mercury and Venus are paired with
Mercury (Quicksilver) and Copper respectively. The other planets have
Their own metals that they represent.

Silver has long been regarded as a precious metal. Throughout much of
Human history, it has been used as a metal of exchange for goods and
services. The same is true for Gold.

In the Tarot, the four suits of the minor arcana are; The Cups, which are
Associated with water, The Swords, which are associated with air, The
Wands, which are associated with fire, and the Pentacles, which are
Associated with the earth. Because Silver is a metal of the earth, then
It is related to all cards that have the Pentacle designation.

Likewise, in Astrology, Silver is related to the earth signs of the Zodiac.
These signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

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