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Signs of the Zodiac

The Signs of the Zodiac refer to the astronomical constellations of the
known universe. In Astrology, each of these Signs relate to one of twelve
basic astrological principles. The tradition of Western Astrology was
first originated as a direct continuation of Hellenistic Astrology which
was recorded in the 2nd century in Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos. These concepts
were, in turn partly based on the Babylonian tradition of twelve equal
sectors of the Babylonian ideal lunar calendar which represented the path
of the Moon. 200 years later these same ideas greatly influenced the
culture of ancient Greece. Also, the late 2nd century astronomy of Egypt
influenced the original beliefs of Western Astrology. From these origins
of ancient times, arose the concepts of a strong focus on what was to
become the birth chart and the origin of Horoscopic Astrology. This relies
on the importance of the Ascendant (the rising degree of the ecliptic, at
the time of birth), and the twelve houses.

The following descriptions define the principles of the twelve Astological
Signs. The basis of Western Astrology corresponds to seasonal changes in
the northern hemisphere of the planet Earth. Aries, the first sign of the
Zodiac, corresponds to the spring season which begins each calendar year
around March 21. Each month that follows forms the basis for the ideas and
principles that relate to each sign that corresponds to those specific
months. The images beneath each sign are from the state capitol building in
Madison, Wisconsin, USA.



Planet: Mars

Dates: March 21 to April 20

Aries represents the beginning of the growing season at the Vernal Equinox.
After the cold and dormant winter, the energy of Aries revitalizes the Earth
with the force of renewal and rebirth. It is a dominant and aggressive energy
that begins the new cycle of life in the world. It is a Fire sign with a
Cardinal modality and a Positive polarity.



Planet: Venus

Dates: April 21 to May 20

After the explosive energy of Aries, Taurus gives that energy a vessel in
which to operate. It is representative of the energy that begins to consolidate
that chaotic and aggressive force into a more stable and harmonious system of
growth and harmony in the natural world. It is representative of all things
materialistic and therefore relates to maternal forces. This is the time of the
year that we celebrate Mothers Day. It is an Earth sign with a Fixed modality and
a Negative polarity.



Planet: Mercury

Dates: May 21 to June 20

Once the fields are planted in Taurus , it is time for a more light hearted and
more spontaneous world to be celebrated. Gemini extends the consolidated theme
of the natural world to now operate through communication using words, language
and ideas. The Gemini energy is one of poets and storytellers. It is an Air sign
with a Mutable modality and a Positive polarity.

In Greek mythology, Gemini is related to the story of Castor and Pollux. Zeus,
The god of the sky and deemed the ruler, protector, and father of all gods and
humans, is the father of Pollux. Castor is the son of Tyndareus who was a Spartan
King. When Castor died Pollux pleaded with his father, Zeus, to give Castor
immortality. Zeus agreed and united Pollux and Castor in the heavens.

Gemini is known as the sign of the twins. It describes the duality nature of
this astrological principle. The Gemini personality gives the ability to play
both sides of any role. It also creates a very restless and spontaneous nature.
Bob Dylan is a good example of this energy when he chose to leave his home in
the midwest and pursue his career as a singer/songwriter in the more social
and politically active areas of the eastern and western coastal areas of the U.S.

The Gemini can be so obsessed with language that they will go on and on with
very little substance in what they are saying. The challenge and goal, then,
is to learn how to choose their words more carefully and thereby communicate
ideas and thoughts in a more precise and meaningful fashion. The Gemini individual
is the eternal preadolescent. On many levels they never really desire to grow up.
Often, though, their fears of the outside world that keep them bound to childish
and immature actions will be gradually replaced by a strong attitude of confidence
and strength when their unique perception of life slows down enough to distill the
truly important aspects of living to give them confidence in the outside world.



Ruled By: The Moon

Dates: June 21 to July 20

As the Summer solstice arrives in Cancer, the days begin to grow shorter and
the nights longer. This is the time of year to change from the extroverted nature
of the spring to a more introverted time to draw inward into the womb, the home
and the family. Cancer radiates the energy of nurturer and protector. It is a
Water sign with a Cardinal modality and a Negative polarity.



Ruled By: The Sun

Dates: July 21 to August 20

After the Summer solstice, the Sun radiates the intense energy of the creative
Life force with pageantry and ceremony. It embodies the energy of the playmaker
and actor on the stage of Life. It is personified by the personalities of Alfred
Hitchcock, Mae West, and Mick Jagger. The Leo energy is the energy of the heart,
and therefore romance is the domain that it represents. It is a Fire sign with
a Fixed modality and a Positive polarity.



Planet: Mercury

Dates: August 21 to September 20

Virgo arrives at the time of year when the abundant harvest must be sorted and
refined. The chilling wafts of the autumn air remind us that all must be put in
order to prepare for the approaching winter. Virgo appreciates the beauty and
necessity of order. It is analytical and detail oriented. Doing things perfectly
is the essence of this sign. It is an Earth sign with Mutable modality and a
Negative polarity.



Planet: Venus

Dates: September 21 to October 20

The first six signs of the Zodiac represent the more individual or personal
aspects of the human psyche. In Libra begins the process of defining a more
social relationship of humanity. With the Autumnal equinox, the temperature
of the earth is slowly decreasing as the Sun moves farther to the south in the
northern hemisphere. This is the time when the leaves of the annual trees
are changing colors and eventually die and drop from the tree limbs. The trees,
like human relationships, are now entering a period of dormancy to prepare for
the long cold winter months that lie ahead. In a social or cultural context,
people are now spending more time indoors and are engaged in more socially
oriented activities. The crops will soon be ready for harvest in the fields and
much activity is now initiated to prepare for the bounty that will soon arrive.
Libra is an Air sign with a Cardinal modality and a Positive polarity.



Planet: Mars and Pluto

Dates: October 21 to November 20

In Scorpio, Mars descends into the dark times of the year. Where the spring
brings the energy of innocence and rebirth to our psyche, in Scorpio, the
darker areas of consciousness are revealed. Scorpio is the investigator of
the Zodiac. The three symbols associated with Scorpio are the Scorpion, the
Eagle, and the Phoenix. The powerful and poisonous nature of the Scorpion are
indicative of the elemental form of this zodiacal energy. In the Eagle, we
find the observer of the flow of both political and sexual power. In the
final realm of Scorpio evolution, it is the Phoenix that brings to life the
redemptive nature of the human spirit that transcends the earthly existence
to arrive at a more spiritual state of being and understanding. Scorpio is a
Water sign with a Fixed modality and a Negative polarity.



Planet: Jupiter

Dates: November 21 to December 20

The time of year that occupies Sagittarius is from late November to late
December. In western culture it is the holiday season from Thanksgiving
to Christmas. The harvest of the summer is being used to supply the food and
other resources to sustain our lives through the long, cold, and dark winter.
This time of year is a time of social and community interaction. It is a time
of storytelling and journeys into philosophy. The energy of Sagittarius brings
out the inquisitor of a cosmic nature in us. To dive into the meaning of social
and metaphysical concerns is the realm of this highly educated philosopher.
Learning for the Sagittarius involves the constant attention to diversity.
Thoughts on human culture, for example, requires a deep understanding of the
history and origins of the people that form those cultures.Sagittarius is a
Fire sign with a Mutable modality and a positive polarity.



Planet: Saturn

Dates: December 21 to January 20

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. The saturnian influence is one of
constructing a system of social laws and rules that bring order to a community
or nation. The ideas of building a home for an individual family as is the energy
of Cancer, Capricorns opposite sign, is now transformed into building a larger
community of families to form a nation or a state. Capricorn has no interest in
the small matters of the individual, it is the larger social institutions that
are his realm. In astrological symbolism, it is the goat that represent Capricorn.
The two types of goats are both present in this sign, the domesticated one that
is gloomily chained to the post resined to spend his days being responsible and
duty-bound, or the wild mountain goat forever seeking adventure and self discovery
in the life-long quest for meaning and purpose.Capricorn is an Earth sign with
A Cardinal modality and a Negative polarity.



Planet: Saturn and Uranus

Dates: January 21 to February 20

Because Aquarius is ruled by the two gods of Saturn and Uranus it has a paradoxical
nature. The orderly and more status quo energy of Saturn is flavored with the
innovative style of Uranus. To shake up and electrify the order of the traditional
community, Aquarians tend to bring a more transformative and disruptive expression
to world events. The Aquarius energy feels equally at home working within the
established order (Saturn), or trying to bring about disruptive change (Uranus).
Being an Air sign, the energy of Aquarius seeks expression through communication.
However it is unlike the more personal and private style that is expressed through
Gemini to a more public and universal one. Aquarians choose to find roles in very
public areas such as politics and writing to fully embrace their extroverted
nature. Examples of successful Aquarians are Franklin D. Rosevelt and Jules Verne.
Aquarius is an Air sign with a Fixed modality and a Positive polarity.



Planet: Jupiter and Neptune

Dates: February 21 to March 20

The Pisces energy is found in the mystical world of dreams and the unconscious.
It is ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune which brings an expansive philosophy of
the unknown to its realm. Understanding that which is beyond reason and conventional
thought is one of the quests for the Piscean individual. Albert Einstein is the
most influential scientist that represents this innovative personality. It is also
important to note the finality of Pisces. Being the last step in the cycle of the
Zodiac and the season, it is a very transformative and reflective energy. Through
a total emersion into the psyche and emotions of the human spirit will spring forth
the Truth that is required to begin another cycle in human and worldly endeavors.
Pisces is a Water sign with a Mutable modality and a Negative polarity.