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Silver in The Tarot

In the Tarot, the four suits of the minor arcana are; The Cups, which are
associated with water, The Swords, which are associated with air, The
Wands, which are associated with fire, and the Pentacles, which are
associated with the earth. Because Silver is a metal of the earth, then
it is related to all cards that have the Pentacle designation.

Also, in the Tarot, there are twenty-two major arcana cards. Each card describes
a tarot basic principle. In the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith
deck, these major arcana, (also called trump cards), are numbered
from #0, (the Fool), to #21, (the World). The numbers are represented
in Roman numerals, where 1=I and 2=II, and 3=III, etc.

From Wikipedia, " Some using tarot for cartomancy believe that the cards have
esoteric links to ancient Egypt, Iran, the Kabbalah, Indian
Tantra, or the I Ching, though scholarly research has demonstrated
that tarot cards were invented in northern Italy in the 15th century
and confirmed that there is no historical evidence of the usage of tarot for
divination until the late 18th century."

It is my personal belief that the Tarot holds many ancient truths
associated with the human psyche. Like Astrology, the Tarot can be a basis
for conversation on human relationship and on personal human development.

If you are interested in the Tarot, I would highly recommend my favorite
book on the subject, A Complete Guide to the Tarot by Eden Gray. You can
Find it here: Silver 2 Moon

Please visit the website,The Tarot for more information.

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